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Welcome to St. Aloysius Catholic Church Website!!

Parish Mission Statement


We, the people of St. Aloysius Parish, are called together by God through our Roman Catholic faith to be an active, visible community where the faith flourishes and grows. As such, we acknowledge God's love, Jesus Christ's redemption, the power of the Holy Spirit, and our individual and collective membership in the body of Christ. It is the privilege, responsibility, and challenge of that membership to manifest God's unconditional love for all His creation. This effort to be Christ-like will be especially evident in our parish worship, evangelization, and service.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Here you will find information concerning our parish and its ministries. We hope you find your time spent here a blessing. Our church is a warm and loving church, and we want you to feel comfortable and able to call on us for anything you need. Feel free to browse through the various areas of our website and learn about St. Aloysius!

If you are visiting or relocating to our area, we would love to have you be our guest.

When you visit our church, you will find:

  • A caring, friendly parish that will welcome you
  • Ministries to meet the spiritual needs of every age 



Closed bids open to St. Al’s Parishioners only!

Both mowers were purchased brand new by St. Aloysius Parish.

Closed bids will be accepted no later than Sunday, January 17, 2021.

You can drop your sealed and dated bids in the Parish collection basket or hand in at the Parish Office.

(1) 72” Model: Toro ZMaster 6000 Series; purchased on 4/01/2015 for $11,450 and has been used for 568 hours; minimum bid: $2,400.

(2) 60” Model Toro ZMaster 3000 Commercial; purchased on April 05, 2017 for $8,550 and has been used for 276 hours; minimum bid: $3,000.

Please check the bulletin board in the Gathering Space and/or click Bid on Lawn Mowers for specific information!   


Live your life while you have it.

Life is a splendid gift.

There is nothing small in it.

For the greatest things grow by God’s law out of the smallest.

But to live your life you must discipline it.

You must not fritter it away in “fair purpose, erring act, inconstant will”.

But make your thoughts, your acts, all work to the same end, and that end, not self, but GOD.

That is what we call character. ---Florence Nightingale


A new round of emails were received recently, supposed to be from Fr Jim.  Of course it's the SCAM ARTIST at work again.  Please DO NOT PURCHASE GIFT CARDS for whatever reason given.  IT IS A SCAM!!  Contact the parish office immediately!!!  

Spiritual Communion 

For those who are unable to receive Holy Communion, you can make this prayer of Spiritual Communion a source of grace in the midst of difficulty:

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.


St. Aloysius Prayer Chain Group started in January, 1995. The Prayer Chain is a network of several telephone chains that pass prayer requests from person to person. Each member prays for those requests in his/her own way and time. Members on the Prayer Chain can expect to receive requests 4-5 times a week. Requests do not go out over the weekend unless there is an emergency. The Prayer Chain is comforting for people with illness, injuries from accidents, or other problems. Just a brief description along with a first name will do. If your request is personal, it can be called a “Special Intention”. If you or someone you know has a need, members of the St. Aloysius Prayer Chain would like to pray for you. Anyone willing to pray for the special needs of people in our parish is welcome to join this ministry. To submit your requests or to become a member, please call Joyce Kist [738-1368].

 If you are interested in becoming a member of St. Aloysius, go to the Info Center tab and click on the New Parishioners Registration Form

Radiate Christ!

Next summer we will celebrate the two centuries of faith since our archdiocese was established on June 19, 1821. In anticipation of the bicentennial, Archbishop Schnurr has written a pastoral letter, entitled “Radiate Christ,” encouraging each of us to discipleship and to “rediscover the joy of knowing Christ deeply and following Him, thereby becoming a witness to the world.” I urge all of us to prayerfully read this letter and engage with its contents, reflecting upon our relationship with the Lord and considering how we can individually and collectively Radiate Christ to all whom we encounter. “Radiate Christ” can be found at It is also in the June edition of The Catholic Telegraph magazine, of which it is the middle eight pages.

St. Aloysius COVID Connect

The Outreach Ministry Committee and Parish Council share the concern that members of our parish family may be experiencing negative effects from COVID isolation as well as feeling a sense of separation from the parish due to inability to share in the Sacrifice of the Mass or other parish activities. Therefore, we will be organizing a “COVID Connect” committee whose mission will be contacting all parish families via telephone to assure people’s well-being and identify any special needs that may exist. At the same time this will be an opportunity for all parishioners to share any ideas regarding how the parish can be a better resource during these challenging times. We look to kick this off after the Christmas holidays. Should you be willing to assist in this effort, please contact the parish office or call or text Jim Bischoff, Sr. at 513-375-7033. 


Since COVID, we have learned that our database needs to be updated.  Please email Nancy at or call her in the Parish Office {738-1014} to update the best way to contact you (email, phone).  This information is confidential and for office records only.  Thank you.

 Building in Cemetery for dirt storage

 Continuing to look into Building Expansion 

The Building Expansion Committee has been working hard this past year on the church’s expansion based on input from the parish (results from last parish survey). They will have the preliminary drawings in the display case located in the gathering space. They are currently in the process of getting detailed drawings from an architect so an accurate estimate of cost can be determined.  

Travelling and would like to find a Catholic Church for Sunday Masses where ever you may be!



Servers, Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers

Please consider; training will be provided. 

Call the parish office [738-1014]. 


Attention St. Joe’s Families: St. Joe’s has revised their school calendar and the following are “No School” dates: January 25, 2021. Please make note in your calendar! 

SAVE THE DATE: St. Joseph Consolidated School Open House is scheduled for January 24, 2021

A couple reminders to parents with the winter season:  

- Outdoor Recess: Students will be outside for recess unless it is raining/snowing or if the temp or wind chill is below 32 degrees. Please be sure students have appropriate outerwear for recess.

- Some students have been arriving at school very close to the 7:30 a.m. start time; students should be at school at 7:25 a.m., as the day’s assignments begin at 7:30 a.m. 


  • Parents must remain in vehicles when dropping off students at school in the morning. Students must follow these procedures to keep safe and healthy. 
  • Enter building single file and go directly to classroom.
  • Always keep to the right in the halls and on stairs.
  • No passing. Stay 6 feet apart.
  • Use hand sanitizer – located in each classroom.
  • Do not go to lockers and hooks. Teachers will coordinate! Students cannot linger in the hall! 


  • Visitor protocols will be followed. For safety purposes, all visitors are discouraged at this time.
  • If you must enter the building, here is the protocol:  
  • Parents must make an appointment if they need to come into the office or meet with a teacher.  
  • If visitors enter, they MUST have a mask, have their temperature taken, and answer health assessment questions.  
  • If parents are dropping off lunches, tuition, books, homework, they should call ahead and an office staff member will meet at the door to keep entry limited.  
  • If you have business with the school office in the afternoon that requires entering the building, it must be taken care of after student dismissal (2:40 p.m.), by appointment.

Lotto Tickets:  If you are interested in purchasing a St. Joseph Consolidated School 365 Lotto Ticket,  you can contact any St. Joe’s student or the school office [863-8758].

The Badin Connection

2020-21 School Year Updates

"FORMED" Program

FORMED is Catholic content all in one place. It is a platform of Catholic teachings through videos, audio talks, ebooks, movies, and more. Consider it personal faith formation at your fingertips. As a parishioner you have access to this subscription.

You can copy and paste the following website into your URL.  The parish code: V3JWJ6.  

OR...go to the LINKS tab and click on the FORMED.ORG and it will take you directly to the site to subscribe.  

Please Note:  When first signing on to FORMED.ORG, you must register your email address.  


If you are interested in purchasing a Veterans’ Memorial Brick, it’s not too late! Forms are available in the rack outside the parish office door. This is a great way to honor a special person….any military or non-military; a friend; a family member.

 Who can buy a brick? Anyone can buy a brick for a veteran, past or present; in remembrance of a family member or in a family’s name; your company’s name, an organization, a committee, or your social group. There are many bricks still available! Any donation is tax deductible. Please make checks payable to: St. Aloysius Veterans’ Memorial. Call Bill [706-5475] if you have questions. 





Contact Information  
St. Aloysius Catholic Church
3350 Chapel Rd.
Mail: PO Box 95
Shandon, Ohio 45063
Phone 513-738-1014
Office Hours  

Office Hours

  • September thru May:
    Mon-Fri 8:30am to 3:00pm

    June thru August:
    Mon-Fri 8:30am to 2:00pm


St. Al's Weekday Masses

Tuesday Evening 7:00 pm 

Wednesday Morning 9:30 am 

Friday Morning 9:30 am

St Al's Weekend Masses

Saturday, 5:00p.m.

Sunday, 8:00a.m. & 9:30a.m.


A REMINDER: Please wear your mask when you are going up to receive Holy Communion. After receiving the Host, step away before lifting your mask to consume it. 



Minister Sch - 1st QTR 2021 - Jan Feb Mar

Queen of Peace Website

Attend Mass from Home OPTIONS

Live Streaming Mass from St. Peters in Chains Cathedral in Cincinnati

Live Streaming Mass 

Live Stream Mass Monday thru Saturday in English at 8:00 AM and on Sunday at 11:00 AM.

Holy Rosary


Rosary with Dea. Mike

Holy Rosary with Deacon Mike


THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: If you are interested in having your child baptized, please call Ann Shackleford [738-0808]. 


THE SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: Confessions will be heard each Wednesday morning following the 9:30 a.m. Mass or by appointment. 


ATTENTION PLEASE: If you are a person who receives a LOW GLUTEN HOST, please go to Fr. Jim for Communion and place your hand over your heart as a signal to receive the low gluten host. 


DO YOU HAVE A HEARING AID? St. Al’s has 4 Audio Loops, each surrounding a set of pews. Hearing aids equipped with T-Coils turned on hear audio broadcast directly to the hearing aid when inside a loop. This improves audio quality since it takes advantage of the settings in the hearing aid and greatly enhances word recognition. Remember to turn off your cell phone and turn on the T-coil on your hearing aid when you come to Mass!!  


HELPING HANDS: If you need temporary assistance in the form of meals or rides to doctors, therapy, etc., call Kitty Bosse [317-7215]. We are here to help when help is needed. 

Anyone who would like to help with this ministry should contact Kitty.  Requests for help are coming in and a few extra volunteers are needed and would be appreciated! Thanks!


COMMUNION CALLS - call Church office

If you are homebound or unable to get to Mass and would like to receive the Holy Eucharist, please call the parish office [738-1014].  Holy Communion can be brought to you at home. 


INTERESTED IN CATHOLICISM?  No commitment is necessary; just let us share our faith with you. Or you might want an update on your faith. Please call the Parish Office [738-1014].



CMA COMING SOON…….The 2021 Catholic Ministries Appeal…. Annual Support of Local Ministries


LOOMERS GROUP - No Meeting until 2021

ATTENTION LOOMERS: Because of recent poor attendance, Loomers is being canceled until after the first of the year. Members can keep making blankets, hats and filter covers and if they need yarn or fleece, they can find it in the music room in church.

Temporal Affairs - Jan 19, 2021

TEMPORAL AFFAIRS: Please note that we will have our next meeting Tuesday evening, January 19, 2021. There is no meeting in November or December.  


ATTENTION PARENTS OF 2ND GRADE STUDENTS: Classes will begin in January for 2nd grade students who will be making their First Communion this spring. Parents are asked to contact Ann Shackleford by email at: or by phone [288-9379].


Worship Meeting - Feb 2, 2021

The next Worship Meeting will be February 2, 2021 in the hall after the 7:00 pm mass. 

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